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REGIONAL COUNCIL NOTEBOOK: Wheels on the bus go ’round and ’round

September 19, 2018 news

After a week of confusion, regional council has set the record straight on Niagara Specialized Transit.

The service, councillors heard Thursday, is for residents with a disability that prevents them from using conventional transit and proved to be enormously popular as it was expanded with ridership jumping to 30,000 from 12,000 rides. The surge also threatened to swamp the budget.

At a public works committee meeting, councillors learned staff had told the service provider to stay within the budget, which was projecting a $420,000 shortfall.

That necessitated telling users Niagara Region would cap the number of rides per day at 50 shortly. The limit was down from 100. The idea went over with users like a lead balloon. They pleaded their case to the public health committee, which quickly found a solution.


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