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Province green lights York Region subway extension

April 15, 2019 news

York Region’s No. 1 transportation priority got the green light from the government of Ontario, as part of a $28.5-billion transit network expansion announced today.

The province is committing $5.6 billion over the next 10 years for the Yonge North subway extension project, expected to be open “soon after” the $10.9-billion Ontario Line is delivered by 2027, according to a news statement.

The Regional Municipality of York and York Region Rapid Transit Corporation are “thrilled” about the news of the “significant investment” that will move the project forward into construction, according to a York Region news release today.

“Subways unlock new travel choices for all commuters. With 52,000 businesses already within York Region, this transit investment will help drive national, provincial and regional prosperity, ” said York Region Chairman and CEO Wayne Emmerson.

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