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Erin homes testing over 7 times the safe levels for radon gas

March 11, 2019 news

Homeowners on Pine Ridge Road in Erin are warning others after finding potentially dangerous levels of radon gas within their homes.

Nadiia Depoutat tested her home for radon gas and found that her bedrooms held over 1,500 becquerels per cubic metre. Health Canada advises that the limit of safe levels around 200 units, where the World Health Organization restricts it to 100.

“It’s a very alarming number,” said Depoutat, who explained the problem to her husband.

 Radon gas is a naturally occurring, odourless substance that seeps through the concrete of foundations in homes. The gas buildup is a result of uranium in the ground breaking down and creating the gas, which is most prevalent in areas with a soil and gravel mix.